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Author:  Zuhayr [ Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  General infopost.

Thought it'd be good to have a singular infopost to link people to, since I'm going to be trying to get more players involved in testing.

What is Europa Station?
Short answer: a customized fork of Baystation 12, which is in turn a fork of Space Station 13 - a game in which a crew of players are assigned roles on a space station and must survive the ensuing meteor showers, command arguments, cannibalistic chefs, traitorous sabotage, etc. Think of it like Mafia in space with much more agency and world simulation.

Long answer: Europa began as a whimsical custom build of BS12 making use of a new fluid system that allowed the station to become flooded. From there it spiralled into a moderately (severely) over-ambitious attempt to rewrite core fundamental systems of SS13 into a lean, cut-back and modular framework that would support any number of planet-based maps. The result of this attempt is hosted on the 'europa' branch of this repository and is on indefinite hiatus in favour of the current 'master' branch, which is a second attempt at a water map with a more cautious approach. The second attempt, dubbed 'Bayropa' informally, was essentially a fresh pull of Baystation 12's dev branch with customized lore and all the Europa systems backported and integrated into it. This is the codebase that is under current active development.

The current playable map is the Katydid, which can be renamed by the Captain each round. It's a small Free Trade Union cargo vessel. A 20-30 player underwater map on Europa itself is currently indev, roughly 30-40% finished.

What makes this branch different from other forks?
For Europa we've discarded the idea of strictly regimented departments and in general attempt to push players into interacting with and depending on each other. Security doesn't exist, and everyone is expected to and permitted to see to their own defense where necessary. Ballistic weapons are more freely available and energy weapons are much less common, with a pistol or taser available in character generation. Additionally, most other forks use lore that details a powerful external authority (Centcomm, the ERT, etc) which can swoop in and save/ruin the day as required - this doesn't really exist in Europa lore, and players will need to resolve their issues in-game and in-character, or fail entertainingly.

We're also trying to shoot for a Goon-like approach to administration and roleplay. This is a roleplaying game, not a tax return or a team deathmatch, and fun for the highest number of players should be the priority over realism, accuracy to a real-world workplace, or killing sprees.

The codebase also boasts, in no particular order:
  • A dynamic fluid simulation system.
  • A (currently) unique plane-based lighting system.
  • A modular and flexible gun system that allows for weapons to be dismantled and rebuilt to spec.
  • A unique pre-FTL setting, 300 years prior to the 'default' NSS Exodus Bay lore.
  • A feat-like 'aspects' system that makes character generation more interesting and relevant to the game.
  • Psi powers, available in a limited manner to all characters and in full to the wizard antagonist replacement, the Paramount Grandmaster.


Why is there nobody online?
The server isn't actively played at the moment due to a low player count. Jump on Discord and ping people into joining and you might get a round going.

What's the server IP?
byond:// - if it's not up, bug Zuhayr or Loganbacca on Discord to kick it.

Do you have an IRC channel?
#yonaguni on - it's mostly a buffer for old school nerds who don't want to use Discord, though (LOOKING AT YOU, FLIP).

Can I get a Discord invite?

Do you have aliens?
Skrell (squid people) and Resomi (birds) are available on specific maps (Katydid currently) as a limited 'Alien Ambassador' role. Currently it's safe to assume they use the generally accepted species lore but that will likely change as the codebase is expanded and more people play. There is no alien whitelist - only humans or human subspecies (listed as 'genotypes' in chargen) can join as a role other than Alien.

A future planned feature is the inclusion of a cannibalistic robo space mantis culture called the Kharmaani as an antagonist type, but that's quite a fair way off.

Is this server heavy or light roleplay?
If the distinction is important to you, you should assume that it's an HRP server, but in practice we're aiming for a middle ground where canon is whatever happens ingame and chaos is embraced as the core of the SS13 experience.

I'm a coder/mapper/spriter, how can I contribute?
Development of this codebase is coordinated by general consensus on the Discord channel and anyone is welcome to drop in and say hi. Code, sprite and map contributions are all equally appreciated and valued currently as the active dev team is quite small. There is not currently a single unified style guide for contributions to the codebase so you can either open a PR and amend it as requested, or discuss it on the Discord - up to you.

Currently the development priorities are, in order:
  • Finish the Europa map.
  • Update to the most recent Baycode - this is going to be, frankly, a bitch.
  • Thrash the bugs out of the existing features and get everything integrated well.
  • Expand existing features (mechs, guns, reagents/drugs, psi powers) to be more robust and interesting.

Does this server use ZAS or FEA/LINDA?

I have a great idea, you guys should ____!
Jump on Discord and tell us all about it personally!

Can I be an admin? Make me an admin. Admin pls.
Admin applications may or may not be opened at some point but generally you're going to be tapped by an existing admin and asked if you want to step up, not be chosen from nagging us repeatedly.

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