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 Post subject: August progress report.
PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:48 pm 
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Hi again guys. This post is early for this month but since everyone was kinda hyped about the 'release' I figured I'd fire this off today and call it an official infopost.

So the plan was to do an initial release on the 21st since Skowron was going to be back by now and I was under the impression I would have time and motivation to work on Europa. Between Uni and personal issues I did not get anywhere near as much done as was needed for an initial public release. That's entirely on me; I can give a laundry list of excuses if anyone would like them but the upshot is the server is not currently playable for a standard round and won't be within a few weeks. It would be really disingenuous to claim a release is possible with the state of the server as it currently is, so I'll just use this as an arbitrary date to post the server URL to Reddit.

With that said, we have a testing server up and development of the codebase is ongoing. A lot of the atmospherics issues have been sorted (thank God for GinjaNinja32) and a rather haphazard conversion of Box is being used for debugging while the main map slowly comes together. I will be working out as many of the currently open issues as possible over the next week or so to get a basic extended or traitor round playable, and after that point job equipment, game modes and antag types will be my priority. Cargo drop pods are also in but not hooked up to the Cargo system yet; that is going to be a shitty project so I'm procrastinating it a bit.

Current server costs are 22AUD for the test server, so Patreon donations are covering it. The dedicated server I've been eyeing off is closer to $50AUD a month and availability has been patchy so mark that down as a long-term project. If we end up getting too much traffic I can look at migrating us to a better VPS but funding out of my pocket is a bit limited currently. Hooray quarterly utility bills.

As always, contributions from spriters and developers are being actively sought. I'll dump the usual bevy of links below this post. The main venue for discussion is IRC with the forums being used mostly for record keeping so if you want to get involved, I'd recommend looking at the IRC link and saying hi.

The ban mirroring plan has been abandoned - it's way too much work assembling a banlist when compared to just banning offenders, and it would be way too easy to bypass to be worth the effort.

I've chucked a bunch of people into the admin team for the initial testing period just to try and keep chaos to a minimum. When I hit Uni holidays I'm going to invest some time into properly setting up an SQL database on the server to handle permissions, and get Baphomet working with update/restart commands for admins to streamline things a bit. For the time being the server is not going to have RP standards but I will be putting up a user code of conduct in a little while so there's a point of reference for expected server behavior. Tl;dr for now: slurs are bad, attacking other players on OOC is bad, don't be an arsehole and don't use the game as a vehicle for your anger issues. If there are issues with the CoC when it goes up we can see about amending it but those are the core ideas that I don't see changing.

Thanks for keeping interested in the project and sticking around! We're slowly getting somewhere and it's nice to see things gradually coming together.

Test server: byond://
IRC: ... 23yonaguni

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